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The Rebirth RDA is a 24mm atomizer designed by Mike Vapes and produced by Hellvape. Mike Vapes has been making his presence known this year with other products like the Recurve, Intake by Augvape, and the Recurve squonk mod also by Wotofo. All were pretty solid devices.

The other dripper that he came out with last year, the Iconic, was the one that received less than stellar feedback. So he went back to the drawing board with the Rebirth to improve on the Iconic. Here’s a breakdown of that atomizer.

What You Get With The Rebirth RDA

Rebirth RDA packageWhen you first receive the package it’ll be just like other Hellvape products with the purple box. Except this one has the window showcasing the top cap and build deck on the front. The rest of the box is branding, advertising and some specs on the back.


Opening up the box you will receive with it: fold out manual with instructions on building on this device, extra o rings, a squonk pin, 510 drip tip adapter and one of those clear 810 drip tips. The other bag comes with a mini screwdriver, Allen key, a 6mm “Coily styled” tool (it allows you to cut your leads at just the right length for the deck of the dripper itself) and also a Rebirth sticker, which is a great touch.

A Quick Recap Of What Is Included With The Rebirth RDA


  • 24mm diameter
  • 2 post build deck with gold plated positive post
  • 2.5 by 3.5 mm post holes
  • 16 1.2 mm bottom adjustable honeycomb airflow for each side
  • Top cap locking system with adjustable airflow
  • 6mm deep juice well with raised bottom airflow to prevent leaking
  • Flat head screws
  • 810 Cobra drip tip and 810 frosted drip tip included
  • Gold plated squonk pin included
  • With coily tool the correct length to cut coils is 6.5mm


  • 1 x Rebirth RDA
  • 1 x Spare 810 DT
  • 1 x Stainless Steel 510 Adapter
  • 1 x Accessories Bag
  • 1 x Rebirth RDA Sticker
  • 1 x Positioning Tool
  • 1 x User Manual

They come in various colors, but the one I’m working with is the stainless steel version. The top cap is nice and it’s engraved with the Rebirth logo on one side, it is held on by two o-rings on the deck.


There are two sets of honeycomb airflows on each side of the cap. The 810 drip tip is held on by a single o-ring and any 810 drip tip you have will work on this atomizer. It has a little slippery at the top that goes to a flat base on the cap, making your drip tips look very flush on top ( it has similar looks to a bullet).

Inside the cap there are notches that locks onto the deck, this has become something of an industry standard this year also. Once it’s locked on, you can turn the barrel left or right to adjust your airflow. Another thing to mention are the o rings, they have perfect tolerance. Adjusting your airflow is a breeze.

The Rebirth RDA Build Deck

rebirth rda build deckMoving onto the deck of the Rebirth. The first thing I thought we’re the Drop/Dead Rabbit posts. He cut those decks in half and you have two posts in the middle. They are positioned in a way that if your coils are wrapped counter clockwise the leads will align perfectly.

Having only the two posts, naturally, your coils are going to share a post which could be a learning curve for many people. The post holes are big enough to fit any beefy coils you might have. There are two flat head screws that are on opposite sides of each other. On one side of both airflow holes, he left a cutout where you can fit your screwdriver in to tighten the leads down.

The Airflow On The Rebirth – Genius! 

And now the airflow…it’s very genius how the airflow is. You have two huge airflow ports or slots that lead directly under your coils, giving you the best flavor. And having those honeycomb cutouts on the top cap make it one of the smoothest airflows I have experienced.

This is a dual coil RDA but it also supports single coil (very well I might add) so you are definitely getting a nice amount of air to support the single coil. One thing I did notice though was while wicking, I must have not put enough cotton on the side of the airflow where the screwdriver fits because at first, it was leaking on me.

I believe you need to build a “wall” on the area of the deck with the cut out because even when the cap is on, eventually liquid is going seep out. Remember that I am a heavy squonker too so that could play a part, but once you get the feel of it and you see how hard you have to squeeze to get the wicks wet, it’s a great vaping experience.

My Rebirth RDA Basic Review and Conclusion

Overall the Rebirth I found was a well designed and well thought out product. I have to give respect where respect is due and Mike Vapes is turning out to be a titan in the vape industry and deserves all the praise.

I admire the man but it won’t affect how I feel about this atomizer.

Let me start with the cons, the one main problem I had with this was the leaking I got when the cotton was spread out and not pushed together to make that “wall”. Once you realize that you’ll be fine.

Keep track of your juice level if you are using this with a dual coil set up because once your juice is done, the spitting it does out the squonk hole will get all over you.

Another con would be that it doesn’t come with cotton or coils, so you’ll have to have your own if you want to use it straight out the box. Other than that it’s nothing but a positive experience.

The o-ring tolerance is perfect, the bottom/side airflow makes this dripper a flavor monster and the honeycomb airflow makes this one of the smoothest airflows I have tried. The appearance of the dripper looks great on almost any mod out there.

The branding is minimal but the Phoenix logo actually gives this a good appearance. Overall it was a pleasure using this dripper and it’ll be in my daily rotation for a long time. I like it so much that I’m actually going to get another to have as a backup. In my opinion, this is a contender for best RDA of the year.

Rebirth RDA By Mike Vapes & Wotofo Pros and Cons

  • Great Flavor
  • Great Cloud Production
  • Smooth Airflow
  • Great In Drip/Squonk Mode
  • You Get Rebirth Sticker
  • Perfect O-ring Tension

  • No Coils Included
  • No Cotton Included
  • Could Be A Learning Curve For Beginners

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