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High Voltage Diode eJuice

First, let me say that I’m doing this review because I know at some point I would need to, but I already have a set thought or likeness level for it. I’ve been vaping on High Voltage Diode (18mg) for probably about 5 or 6 months.

As always I will be as honest as I can of course and I haven’t gotten this as a review sample or anything like that. Every bottle I have I’ve bought with my own hard earned money.

That being said, let’s move on with the review 🙂


High Voltage Diode eJuice (18mg)
  • Flavor
  • Coil Life
  • High Nicotine Harshness
  • Could Be Everyday Juice


This eJuice is being used at a very high nicotine level, yet it is still something I vape on over and over again. While it is a coil killer, if you’re using an RDA or RDTA you can get much more coil life out of the juice and even more flavor. I would not recommend vaping this juice at high nic levels in pre-built coil heads as it would get expensive.

My High Voltage Diode eJuice Review

As I said above, I’ve been vaping this eJuice for about 5 or 6 months now. I always find myself coming back it to at some point. I do always try to give new juices a go (like the Deep Fried Oreo review I just did), but at some point, I always go back to this one eliquid.

See, normally I’m more about bold flavors, caramels, and rich flavored dessert type eJuices. But this one, this one is a citrus flavor. For some reason, I still love it.

High Voltage Diode Review

Now I’m hitting it at 18mg nicotine, so maybe that’s why I like it. The higher the nicotine the more different it tastes. I don’t get a lot of citrus with the 18mg bottles. I get more of a bolder and richer flavor. It’s hard to explain really.

When I first started vaping on this juice, I didn’t think I would like it. The 18mg is TOUGH on your throat and on your lungs sometimes. So unless you’re vaping on high nicotine already, you might want to go for a lower mg level. Maybe a 6,g or a 3mg and you would get a more citrus flavor profile.

High Voltage Diode With The Cloud Beast RBA

TFV8I didn’t do a taste test with a few different tanks like I normally do. But that’s because I’ve been vaping on this juice for such a long time that I just use my normal tank and coil heads.

Right now, my everyday tank is the Cloud Beast RDTA with the RBA coil head.

In the Cloud Beast, you get a lot of flavors. Even though the main flavor of citrus isn’t the flavor I get with the 18mg nicotine, I still get HUGE flavor with this tank and while I have vaped this juice with a straight sub-ohm tank like the Prince from SMOK and so on, I think this is one of those juices you just get the best flavor using a buildable deck, not a pre-built sub-ohm coil head.

From my experience, there are some eliquids that just taste better on a deck you build on and can use your favorite coils on.

Great With Coffee

Being an ex-smoker, there are a few things that I still find hard to vape while doing and still get the same satisfaction.

Drinking coffee is one of those things.

But this eJuice is actually very good with my morning coffee. I like the flavor mixes you get with the coffee and the 18mg level of the High Voltage Diode.

Remember, this review is for the 18mg nicotine, so this is more than subjective!

If you like bolder flavors and you drink coffee, this is going to be a juice you like.

It's a Coil Killer At High Nicotine MG Levels

One of the main reasons I like vaping this juice on the RBA coils is because of the high nic level. The higher nic level (18mg) is a fast coil killer. Your pre-built coil heads will get so caked so quick you will be spending lots of money on new coils.

With the RBA, or an RDA, you can dry burn your coils to clean them a bit and just rewick and you’re good to go again for a few more days.

dirty-rbaYES – it’s like 2 to 3.5 days and you’re rewicking your coils because of the nicotine levels and how it gets caked on the coils. 

With a pre-built sub-ohm tank coil head, you would be replacing them every other day and cleaning pre-built coil heads that you vape something with a HIGH nic level like the 18mg is almost impossible sometimes.

I do clean my coil heads once or twice before tossing them, but with the nic levels like this I usually just toss them after the first use and call it a day.

So that can get expensive if you’re not using an RDA or RDTA tank that you can just clean and rewick.

Conclusion Of The Review

This review wasn’t as detailed as most others, but that’s because I don’t have much bad to say about the juice. Other than the high nic level which is my own choice, of course, I didn’t find much bad to point out.

All in all, I really do like the High Voltage Diode eJuice and I can recommend giving it a try yourself.

I would, however, recommend going with a much lower nicotine level. Whatever nic level you normally use is what I would give this one a go at as well.

Also, remember I’m a chain vaper. So my juice reviews and subjective because I can only rate them on chain vaping.

OH, one thing I can say that is bad is that I can only get it locally at 15ml – this goes FAST. Because I’m a chain vaper I go through 15ml in a day easy BUT, the closest “vape shop” sells it for about $10 so it’s a bit cheaper than some other places I would have a bit of a travel to get to.

Do I like it – of course, I do, I said that a few times above.

Would I buy it again to vape on? YES – I’ve already gone through about 10 bottles in just the last 2 months so buying it again is a guaranteed thing I’d say.

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