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The Recurve Dual RDA is the second and more updated addition to the Recurve RDA family. The first rendition of the Recurve RDA was a single coil version and it was loved by people far and wide and is one of the main products that helped to put Wotofo on the vaping products map.

What’s Different About The Recurve Dual RDA?

The first thing you will know that is different about this dual updated version of the Recurve, is well, the fact that it’s a dual coil RDA. It’s in the name 🙂

There are a few things though that have been changed in the newer dual version of the RDA.


  • Dual coil and/or single coil
  • Straight barrel on the RDA instead of the curved in sides
  • Airflow walls inside are bigger and have a nice inner curve to them
  • Comes with a standard lower profile drip tip pre-installed, with the well known curved recurve style drip tip as an added secondary drip tip.
  • Comes with a newer style coil cutting tool (more below)
  • E-liquid wells are MUCH bigger, making it better for squonking

My Problem with the first version of the Recurve RDA

recurve-rdaThe first version of the Recurve was a single coil RDA and while it was loved by many, in my opinion, it did have it’s issues. One of the main “cons” I had with the Recurve single RDA was when it was being used in a squonk setup.

For me, when squonking on the Recurve single RDA, it would leak very easily. Now, I had a lot of people telling me it was a “me” issue. that I needed to pay attention to the first row of airflow on the RDA barrel and when I saw the e-liquid in the first row to stop squeezing the squonk bottle.

That was still an issue for me. See, the Recurve single RDA was made to go with a squonk mod (the Recurve squonk mod), so in my head and in my opinion it should have no issues with leaking when you squonked on it.

The Recurve Dual RDA FIXED This Issue!

With the new changes MikeVapes made to the Recurve Dual, all of this has been fixed. A bigger e-liquid well was added on both sides of the build deck making it hold more e-liquid and giving e-liquid somewhere to go when you squonk or drip on it.

This is a HUGE improvement in my opinion and one I was really looking forward to seeing and trying out.

With the RDA being a 24mm instead of a 22mm it also helps with the squonk leaking issues I found in the single version of the RDA.

The Recurve Dual RDA Comes In Many Colors


With 6 different color options available you’re bound to find a perfect match for whatever mod you want to use the RDA on. Wotofo is also doing a pretty good job at matching up the drip tips that come pre-installed with the color of the RDA itself which is always a good thing.

I personally had the blue version sent to me and I got a nice blue and white resin drip tip with it pre-installed which matched perfectly.

The New Coil Cutting Tool That Comes With The Recurve Dual RDA

One of the greatest new things that I personally like about the new Recurve Dual is that it comes with an all new coil measuring and cutting tool.

recurve-dual-rda-coil-toolThis new coil tool is kinda awesome in my opinion.

The new coil cutting tool is small, but can be used to cut your coil leads to almost any needed length for any RDA you have, which is even better.

It starts with a 4mm block and has all these added 1mm leafs that you can add to the 4mm block to go up by 1mm at a time. For the Recurve Dual, you would cut your leads to 7mm, which would be the 4mm bock on the coil cutting tool plus 3 of the 3mm leafs on top of it and you would have 7mm.

I love this new tool and hope it comes with all future Wotofo RDAs and RTAs.

My Conclusion On The Recurve Dual RDA

Although this was a short written version of my review, I am very impressed with the improvements MikeVapes and Wotofo have made on this RDA.

I have found myself using the dual version over the single coil version and for good reason. I’m more into squonking at this time and with the bigger ejuice wells in the RDA it makes squonking something I really enjoy while using the Recurve Dual.

I would have no issues recommending this RDA to someone looking to get a good squonking RDA and evens someone just getting started with dual coil RDAs as well.

MikeVapes and Wotofo did a great job on the improvements when moving to dual coils and I’m ging to be using it for a long time to come 🙂

Recurve Dual RDA

  • Bigger e-liquid wells
  • Good airflow
  • Good flavor
  • Excellent for squonking
  • Smooth flavor

  • Pre-installed drip tip not recurve drip tip
  • AFC (airflow control) a little wonky for me

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