Daily Long Term Vaping Doesn’t Damage Lungs, Study Shows

Vaping Lung Damage

The other day I was poking around online and I came across an interesting article over at a website called VapingPost by a talented writer named Diane Caruana.  She wrote about a study done by a Prof Riccardo Polosa and his team. It was a 3.5-year study done with people that never smoked cigarettes, but vaped on a daily bases. It was a small group of people in the study but the results were very interesting.

“We found no decrements in spirometric indices, development of respiratory symptoms, changes in markers of lung inflammation in exhaled air or findings of early lung damage on HRCT, when compared with a carefully matched group of never-smoking non-EC users.”

I know that sounds all medical mumbo-jumboish, but what it basically means, is that the people in this 3.5-year study of non-smokers, there was no lung damage at all when compared to people that didn’t smoke anything at all.


Read the whole article and get full study info by clicking here!

My 2 Cents On Vaping and Possible Lung Damage…

Personally (and this is only my personal opinion), I think vaping is safe. Safer than smoking cigarettes for sure. I know a LOT of people that have been vaping for years – some that have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. None of them have any issues with breathing, their lungs or any of the side effects that are going around.

Now I know there really hasn’t been enough time to see what real long-term effects are. Like with cigarettes, some people don’t show any signs of issues until they have been smoking for decades.

But if it comes down to whether vaping is better than smoking…everyone should agree that vaping is better. Not only is it better but there is more of a chance of quitting as well.

Take past smokers out of the whole mix though, I still believe vaping is safe.

Logically you would have to say there is SOME kind of something that will eventually show. But I believe it will be so small and easily forgotten, that we will most likely not hear much of anything in the future about the long-term effects of vaping.

Know Your Vape Supplies Vendor!

vape shopFor me, this is very important. If you know where you get your vape supplies (ejuice and coils mainly), you will know whether they are putting anything in what you’re getting.

If you know your ejuice company only deals with high VG or high PG, whether they use any dangerous flavorings and so on, you know if you’re vaping on something safe or not.

This is important – know your vendor people 🙂

Do Your Own Research On Vaping!

This is important too. If you’re gonna start doing something, you should research it before trying it out. You should learn what you can about vaping, just like anything else you would be doing, and make a decision if it’s something for you or not.

You can see the same studies done as any doctor, you can see all of the medical reports out there and you can make a choice on your own.

If you think vaping is safe, go for it, if you don’t think it’s safe, don’t vape.

No one is putting a gun to anyone’s head and telling them to pick up a vape.